This story follows the consequences of a fateful decision motorcycle rider Luke made; committing a crime to support his child. After the incident he is targeted by policeman Avery. This tense collision course will have a really big impact on both of their families in the years following.

This film explores a lot of different themes, including father-son relationships, fate, redemption, remorse and crime. Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper are lead roles in this movie. Two of my favorite actors in one movie, I couldn’t ask for more! The characters are complex and realistic. They’re flawed and conflicting.

Whenever you think the story is going to go one way, the writer found a way to turn it around again. It’s unexpected and deep. Twists and turns, that’s what you get with this movie. The director did take some risks with displaying the film this way, though. The interwoven narratives is something not everyone likes, which is why some people say the movie went flat for them after the first hour.

The cinematography in this movie is something that really stood out to me. What an amazing shots does this movie have! The shots alone makes this movie worth watching.  Let’s not leave out the soundtrack as well, because it is perfect for this movie and absolutely fits the ambiance!

‘’If you ride like lightning, you’re going to crash like thunder.’’

This movie touched me and made me feel uncomfortable at times, but that’s the power of this flick! It’s entertaining and rich with emotion. If you’re looking for a movie that will hold your attention right till the end and stays with you for a while, The Place Beyond The Pines is the movie for you!


I’ve heard some people say they only like the movie till Ryan Gosling’s character leaves the screen, that he takes the power of the movie with him. Although I absolutely loved his character and wished he would have gotten more screen time, I understand why they did it. The power of this movie doesn’t end when he dies. The story is not just about him. It’s about legacy and the sins of a father. It’s about how one generation of a family can decide the fate of the generation. I think the way they told the story is beautiful and smart.

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    • I absolutely agree with you. I wasn’t in shock for the loss of his character per se, but more about how fast they did it, when they just started building his character. But like you say, it enriched the story.

      I’ve just read your piece and love it very much! Thank you for sending me your blog, I’ll check it out more often!

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