After waiting 21 months, a new Lana Del Rey era arrived, and I couldn’t be more happy! Her new album, Lust for Life, came out on July 21st. It contains of 16 songs and has a length of 72 minutes.

The one thing that immediately stood out to me before I even started listening to the songs, was the cover. It spreads a vibe that is different from the other records; she’s smiling. Lana had said before that the previous records were for herself, but she made this one for her fans.

The record starts off with ‘Love’, the long-awaited lead single that came out a few months before the record itself. I personally love the song. I think it’s an ode to allowing yourself to feel. With the song ‘Love’ she assures her fans that the feeling can still, that love can still conquer. After listening to this song for the first time, my expectations for the new album were higher than ever before, and believe me, that’s not easy when we’re talking about Lana.

Lust for Life was the second song to come out, and also the title of the album. It features The Weekend, and is quite a different song from what we as Lana fans are used to. She doesn’t usually work with big names and doesn’t really look to make music that’s on the radio today. I was actually a bit shocked when I heard Lust for Life on the radio one day. I do like the lyrics and think the song is catchy, but I would have liked it more if Abel wasn’t such a big part of it (sorry, still love u).

Now on to the rest of the record. One of the first things I noticed while scrolling through the list of songs was the number of collabs on this album. From A$AP Rocky to Stevie Nicks, there are five collab songs on the record. Another thing that is quite different from what Lana has released before, is the main subject she’s singing about. Toxic relationships were a big part of the previous three records, it’s a little harder to find on this one.

The song ‘’Summer Bummer’’ has got a similar hypnotic vibe as ‘’High By The Beach’’. I love the rap in the song, it flows in well and doesn’t feel out of place in any way. The vocal production is flawless here, just as on most of the other songs of the album.

The thing Lana Del Rey does talk about quite a lot on the album is politics. Her songs reflect the troubled time we’re living in. ‘’When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing’’ is one of those songs. The lyrical message is about finding pleasure in the Trump era.

Another song that really hit me is ‘’Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind’’. Here Lana sings about observing an audience of young girls dressed just like her, and praying for their safety amid a period of global terror.

God Bless America is a response to the Republicans’ attack on woman rights. Another really powerful song that sticks with you.

I call these songs ‘masterpieces’. I know the opinions vary a lot about the way this album handles politics, but I couldn’t be more positive about this. Personally, I think we need music to spread messages like this. Together we stand strong, and I think music is a big part of that. It connects people.

The song that got me most emotional is Beautiful People Beautiful Problems. This piano ballad, which Lana shares with Stevie Nicks, got me on the edge of tears.

My favorite songs on the album (for now) are Cherry, Summer Bummer, When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing, Beautiful People Beautiful Problems, 13 Beaches

I guess my least favorite ones are White Mustang and Tomorrow Never Came, although it kinda hurts to say this because I both like them a lot.

Overall, Lust for Life didn’t disappoint me at all, it exceeded my expectations. I think it’s fair to call this her most diverse album to date! I love it with all my heart, and are currently so obsessed that I listen to it over and over.


What do you think about the album? What are your favorite and least favorite songs?

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