June was quite a good reading month for me. I’ve been coming out of a slump and finally turned those pages again! I read a total of five books this month, which isn’t that impressive, but it still is better than I did in May.

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Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

This was the first book I read this month, and man it was worth it. I’d heard a lot about this book, but still haven’t gotten around to picking it up. I wasn’t sure the idea of poetry was for me. I was wrong. This book touches you on the most emotional level of emotional levels. It really gets to you. I really recognized myself in some of the sections, which gives some sentences an even deeper meaning. My advice is to not go through this book all at once (that’s quite easy because it’s so short). It’s way better (in my opinion) to read a few poems every time and think about them for a while. Then pick up the book a little while later and do the same thing again.

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Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

I am a big fan of the Dexter TV show, okay actually I should say I’m OBSESSED with the TV show. I still hadn’t read the books yet, though. When I saw them in a book store a few weeks back I just had to pick them up. I started reading it but didn’t had really high expectations. I had heard mixed things about it. Personally, I loved this book. I may be biased because of the TV show, but I still think it’s a very good story. The first book is very similar to the first season, although there definitely are some changes. You really get into Dexter’s mind here, which is a very interesting place to be. I highly recommend this one, it doesn’t matter if you’ve seen the TV show or not!

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Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

After I read the first book in the Dexter series, I immediately picked up the second one, Darkly Dreaming Dexter. This one isn’t similar to the TV show at all, which was interesting, but also a bit confusing. I have to say I didn’t love this one as much as the first book, but it still was pretty good. I finished it in one day, so that should probably say enough.

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Dexter in the Dark by Jeff Lindsay

Yup, I also read the third book in the series this month. The books aren’t that thick, so I could easily finish one in one or two days. I listened to the audiobook (which I highly recommend) while reading along. This isn’t my favorite of the three, the first one still is, but it’s definitely worth reading.

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Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results by Stephen Guise

This book really is a game-changer. I stumbled upon this book while surfing through Goodreads, and immediately started reading it. The concept of Mini Habits really is something special, because it WORKS. I’m not going to say too much about this, since I already made a POST about mini habits, but you should definitely give this one a chance. I’ve been putting mini habits into practice for a while now, and haven’t regretted it ever since!

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Goals for July:

  • Read at least 5 books. Even though I hope to exceed this goal, this is what I at least want to accomplish. It’s summer, so I should have enough time to make this work.
  • Watch at least 35 movies. This should be quite easy for me to accomplish. Watching and analyzing movies is one of the things I love doing most. From next month on, I also plan on doing monthly movie/TV show wrap-ups, by the way.
  • Read at least 5 screenplays. I want to make this into a habit again, not only because it makes you understand filmmaking better, but also because it improves my own screenwriting.

I have some other personal goals, but these are the ones that are most relevant to this blog for now.

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