Longest film ever produced? Highest paid actor for a single role? Longest marathon watching films? I think some of these may surprise you, or at least they did surprise me!

Most swearing in one film

This one belongs to The Wolf Of Wall Street. The beloved F-word is used 506 times in its 3 hours of running – an average of 2.81 times per minute! Another fun fact, the heavy use of drugs, sexually explicit scenes and profanity has caused problems in the Middle East. The cut version that is available there is 45 minutes shorter than the one we’re enjoying!

Longest marathon watching films

It feels like an accomplishment (or at least for me) when you spend approximately 24 hours on your Harry Potter marathon, but there are people out there who can do better. Much better. The person who does best, is Suresh Joachim from Sri Lanka. Want to break his record? Try watching movies for 121 hours and 18 minutes straight and you’re there!

Guess we need to practice a little bit more.

The most expensive movie ever made

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) is the first and only film to cost more than $400 million. With a budget of $410.6 million, the fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series was a fact. Fortunately, the budget was worthwhile, as it made $1.046 billion at the box office.

The longest film ever produced

Think a three hour movie is long? Try to watch The Cure for Insomnia (1987). This movie will let you sit through an 85 hour story, which mostly consists of LD Groban reading his own 4080 page poem.
We can still be friends if you’re not gonna try this.

The highest paid performance in movie history

Keanu Reeves for The Matrix Reloaded made $126 million for his role in the movie – quite a good deal, isn’t it? This role made him the best-paid actor for a single role ever. What he did with a significant amount of the money is perhaps even the best part; he gave it to the production staff because he felt they were integral to the final product.

Longest kiss in a movie

Elena Undone (2010), a movie that follows a well-known lesbian writer who falls for the wife of a pastor, contains a 3 minutes and 24 seconds long kissing scene. This breaks the record for longest kiss in cinema history, which was originally set back in 1941.

Most Golden Globe awards won by a film

Surprise, surprise, this one goes out to one of my favorite movies of all time: La La Land. This 2016 movie won 7 (!) Golden Globes, and outpaced the previous record of five Globes, which was first achieved by Doctor Zhivago (1965).
Although some people think this movie is overrated and doesn’t deserve this much attention, I am glad they won and think they absolutely deserve to hold the record.

First movie to gross $2 billion

This record goes to James Cameron’s Avatar (2009). This movie was a treat to the eye and gave us a wonderful view into the land inhabited by the blue humanoids. It’s a movie to watch over and over again. No wonder this flick broke the record of $2 billion!

Longest time spend running in a film

This was done by Giulio Baser, who ran exactly 1 hour, 14 minutes and 10 seconds, playing himself during the film Cartoline da Roma. The movie is about Baser who takes his dog out one Sunday morning, when he starts thinking and meditating about the most diverse topics. The run is filmed in one single shot. This original movie contains centuries of history, surprising encounters and vivid sincerity.

Youngest film director

The youngest director of a professionally made feature length film is Saugat Bista. He was 7 years and 340 days old when his movie called Love you baba (2014) hit the theatres.

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